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Restaurant Hoi


In addition to our a la carte meals, we also offer a rich daily buffet for you to nibble every evening - perfect for the hot weather when you don't want too much but want tasty treats. 

For those who do want a full sit down meal however with lounge bar options, the Hoi Restaurant is open for dinner from 7pm until 2am.


Restaurant Hoi Our Menu....

The Hoi Restaurant in Rome prides itself on the excellent quality of food and service we offer in the very best traditions of Italian cuisine.  Our highly trained chefs ensure that the ingredients are the freshest and of the highest quality with the minimum of processing to ensure that each dish is purely delicious, simple and healthy.

Our cuisine is essentially Mediterranean and includes not only Roman dishes, but also tastes, styles and effects from around the Mediterranean to produce a fresh, vibrant, simple and tasty array of superb and mouth watering meals.  The menus are designed to produce superlative combinations of fish, meat, cheese and vegetables which are balanced and yet enjoy a creative spice of Mediterranean vibrance.

Our fish in particular is the freshest possible and of a superb quality meaning that whether you're having sushi, crustaceans or just want cooked fresh fish, then you will be delighted to taste our delicate and mouth watering fish dishes.

Come and join us today and have the perfect meal and social experience!!

Restaurant Hoi
Ristorante Hoi Roma, Il Culto del Crudo
Via Tunisi 1/B - (angolo via Sebastiano Veniero, 62) | 00192 Rome, Italy
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